6 Healthy Breakfast Combinations to Jumpstart Your Day

6 Healthy Breakfast Combinations to Jumpstart Your Day

Have you noticed that when you start your day in a frenzy, snooze the alarm, skip breakfast and get late to work, the rest of the day just follows in the disaster? It’s like some unwritten rule, your mornings usually reflect your entire day, so you better start them off right. And it’s not just the chaos that ensues that day, unhealthy morning habits will have an effect on your entire health as well, so you better plan them accordingly. And what’s more important that starting your day with a healthy breakfast?

A healthy breakfast menu is all about determining the best combinations that work for you and give you plenty of energy for the day to come. It may sound a bit too much work at start, but once you get in the routine, you’ll see it’s a piece of cake. Healthy breakfast foods are simple and nutritious. The best combinations usually contain 1/3 to ¼ of your daily protein intake, fibers and some healthy fats. Let’s get this straight, we’d all want to eat a breakfast burrito every other day, just like you. But we know that won’t do us any good so we skip it and opt for something else.

6 Healthy Breakfast Menus

If you’re in doubt about what to include in your morning menu, here are a few ideas that will get you on the right track:

Wild Alaskan salmon (canned).

This may not be your first choice because not many people want to eat fish for breakfast but it’s a healthy option nonetheless. The Japanese traditional breakfast includes steamed rice, broiled fish, green tea and pickled veggies and we all know they’re the healthiest nation in the world. Instead of this traditional version, you may opt for canned salmon, some leftover veggies and rice and a warm cup of green tea for a healthy breakfast.

Granola and yogurt .

This option is our favorite, it’s simple and easy to make for those mornings when you just don’t have the time. Make sure you opt for granola without sugar and a high fiber content and some plain Greek yogurt. You could add some walnuts and berries for an extra kick.

Eggs .

We all know that eggs are the best breakfast food. You can prepare them beforehand, and just serve them in the morning. Add in some wholegrain toast, an orange or grapefruit and some plain yogurt for a full menu that will keep you satiated through lunch.


Berries like raspberries and blueberries are the richest source of antioxidants and should be a part of your morning routine. Just toss some in your oatmeal or yogurt and your day will start the right way.

Dark, leafy vegetables.

These include spinach and kale and any other dark, leafy vegetables you have at hand. They have a high nutritional value and will enrich your breakfast. You can add them to your omelet and make an incredible veggies scramble.

Green tea or coffee.

In addition to food, the best drink to start your day with is coffee or green tea. You are free to enjoy in your morning cup of Joe knowing that it contains plenty of antioxidants. Moreover, it can improve your mental health as you age and reduce your diabetes risk. If you’re not a coffee person, green tea is an excellent alternative. Just steer clear of sweeteners and fake creamers and stick to plain, black coffee for best results.

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