8 Ancient Dishes that Would Be Real Delicacies in Modern Cuisine


Modern cuisine is super advanced and has progressed a lot, especially in the last few decades. However, some dishes that our ancestors ate would be considered quite the delicacies in today’s restaurants and would probably cost a fortune too. For example, people used to eat roasted peacock instead of turkey for Christmas, could you imagine that? Although roasted peacock is not something I’d like to try, there are many other ancient delicacies that could be enjoyed even today. Thankfully some recipes have been passed on from generation to generation and in this article we’d like to present some of the most interesting ones for ancient food and drink.

8 Ancient Dishes We Fell in Love With

1. Babylonian Mersu

8 Ancient Dishes that Would Be Real Delicacies in Modern Cuisine 1

The word mersu is believed to stand for cake, however ancient Babylonians probably didn’t prepare this dish as a baked good. Babylonian mersu was not originally made from fresh dates but from candied ones. Some of the most ancient recipes preserved for this desert combine figs, minced apples, raisins, oil, garlic, cheese, syrup and wine. It’s believed that the dish was mostly used as an offering to the gods in religious rituals.

2. Roman honey cakes

8 Ancient Dishes that Would Be Real Delicacies in Modern Cuisine 2

If you’re a novice in cooking, honey cakes are the perfect recipe for you. They’re made from 3 simple ingredients, flour, honey and eggs and are an easy cook. Roman honey cakes were created back when food was scarce and they had to get by with the simplest ingredients. Of course you can add your own touch once you’ve mastered the recipe, but even the original one tastes amazing.

3. Roman Scrambled Eggs Drop Soup

Roman Scrambled Eggs Drop Soup

The ancient Romans loved their eggs which is probably why they used them in so many recipes. This recipe combines your regular egg drop soup with spinach and chicken broth. The recipe was originally envisioned as a main dish but it mostly works as an appetizer in modern restaurants.

4. Roman Globuli

Roman Globuli

This is one of those ancient delicacies that are so close to what we eat nowadays, when we’re not focused on healthy food, that is. Roman globuli is basically fried cheese curds with a twist – honey and poppy seeds for an added sweetness. The ancient Romans enjoyed these globuli and considered it among their most prized delicacies. They usually prepared it during festivities like Saturnalia Festival and the Feast of Lupercalia. And now you’d love to phone food delivery and order a big portion of globuli, don’t you?

5. Greek Savillum

Greek Savillum

Doesn’t it just warm your heart to know that even the ancient people had something similar to our cheesecake to feast on? In ancient Rome and Greece there was an early variation of our modern cheesecake called savillum. This desert was traditionally made from flour, honey, soft cheese and a twist of orange or lemon.

6.Byzantine Garum

Byzantine Garum

How dull would cooking be without sauces? Even the ancient byzantine cooks realized this so they often used a sauce made from fermented fish, named garum. They used all kinds of fish to make the sauce, from salmon to tuna, but the fatty fishes were the most popular for these delicacies.

7. Roman Isicia Omentata

Roman Isicia Omentata

If you thought we invented burgers, you’re so wrong. The ancient Romans beat us to it, millennia ago, with their isicia omentata. However, they didn’t serve their burgers with cheese and bacon, but made them from minced meat, pine nuts, white wine and different condiments. Sounds delicious, right?

8. Egyptian Flatbreads

The Egyptians created the early version of what we call flatbread today and their recipe is quite similar to ours. They used 3 main ingredients to make the bread, brewery grain, water and barley, wheat or millet flour. Sometimes they combined it with fruits, honey, meat or fruits.

Egyptian Flatbreads

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