Bratislava – What to See and Do in the Slovakian Capital

Bratislava – Slovakia’s Jewel

Although not as popular as Prague or neighboring Wien, Bratislava is just as charming as both. The Slovakian capital is abound with rich history and monuments standing for centuries. Similar to Prague in terms of architecture, Bratislava is smaller, yet a warmer city than the Czech capital. It’s a popular and cheap tourist destination that is unrightfully overseen in favor of Prague or Budapest.

What to See in Bratislava

The third richest European region by GDP per capita receives more than a million tourists per year. Ask anyone who’s ever been in Bratislava and they’ll tell you it’s a cozy and nice old town that has plenty of sights to see. Full of bars and tiny folk restaurants, the Old Town in Bratislava is the city’s main tourist attraction and one no one should miss.

The cultural, political, and economic center of Slovakia is also home to many museums, universities, galleries, and similar cultural and educational institutions. And, although it looks medieval on first sight, Bratislava is actually a pretty modern city, where large Western businesses having their headquarters in the city.

Here are the tourist attractions you should miss when visiting Bratislava:

Bratislava Castle

Bratislava – What to See and Do in the Slovakian Capital 1

The way to the top might be a little hard on your legs, but you’ll definitely enjoy seeing the city from above. Set at a top of a hill, the former seat of the Bratislava rulers is a great medieval castle with breath-taking gardens. Now the seat for the Museum of History, the castle is a sight you shouldn’t miss. Make sure you wear warm clothes if you’re visiting in the winter. It can get windy and chilly at the top.

UFO at the SNP Bridge

Bratislava – What to See and Do in the Slovakian Capital 2

Well, it’s not an actual UFO, but it’ll do. The observation deck at the top of the SNP bridge pylons offers an amazing view of Bratislava from all angles. There’s also a restaurant with local delicacies at the top. But, make sure your pocket is deep enough. The meals aren’t exactly on the cheap side, and you’ll also have to pay around 10 EUR for the entrance.

Old Town Hall

Bratislava – What to See and Do in the Slovakian Capital 3

Set in the heart of old town, the former seat of the city government hides a panoramic view of the whole Old Town. If you want to relax from all the walking, bars and candy shops can be found everywhere around.

St. Martin’s Cathedral

Bratislava – What to See and Do in the Slovakian Capital 4

The towering cathedral of St. Martin is a three-nave Gothic church that’s just beautiful to look at. There’s a replica of the coronation crown on the top of the tower (85 m. high) which brings back memories of Bratislava’s golden ages.

Michael’s Gate

Bratislava – What to See and Do in the Slovakian Capital 5

Michael’s Gate is the only preserved fortification gate in Bratislava’s Old Town. It is standing still since the XIV century. The 51-meter high tower provides a great view of Bratislava. The street leading to the gate is full of local restaurants and bars where you can relax with the best Slovakian and Czech beers and meals.

There you have it – the top tourist attractions to visit in Bratislava. Explore the city freely – there are many other monuments and things you definitely wouldn’t want to miss.

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