Ceiling Painting Tips – How to do It All by Yourself

Ceiling Painting Tips – How to do It All by Yourself

Why is the Damn Ceiling So Hard to Paint?!

Ah, the dreaded ceiling. Anyone who has ever repainted the house by themselves have only one problem – painting the ceiling. It’s far from reach and the dripping can drive a man insane. Even professional painters hate the idea of painting the ceiling as nothing ever goes smooth.

However, it doesn’t have to be like this. If you’re not fond of shelling out hundreds for professionals, you can save some time and money thanks to the simple tips you can see below.

How to Repaint Your Ceiling Faster and Easier

Here are a few tips that will help you finish the job easier and faster:

Get a Proper Ladder


You can’t make a scaffolding in your room to repaint your ceiling so your only option is a ladder. But, not just any ladder – you’ll need to get a light, yet stable ladder you can move around easily. It should also be tall enough so you can reach over your head with ease. Finding a good ladder is an essential step in the whole process, so don’t just settle for an old wooden one which can put your life in danger.

Use a Roller


Ever tried painting the ceiling with a brush? It’s a literal hell. Instead of brushes or paint sprayers, stick with a roller. It will cover every area properly and with much less splatter.

Find the Proper Extension Pole


It may not seem like an important factor, but finding the ideal extension pole will make your job easier. Not to mention that the process will go faster. You can paint a standard ceiling with an extension pole from the ground. However, if you live in an older house with higher ceilings, you’ll need a shorter extension pole and a good ladder. Don’t think you can paint the ceiling with a 17-foot extension – it will strain your shoulders too much too fast.

Go With Flat White Color


You may be tempted by the idea of choosing a funky color for your ceiling. We admit it – there are so many cool options right know so it’s kind of hard to resist. However, flat white is still the best option for ceilings. Why? Well, it’s brighter, gives you infinite view, and hides imperfections better because it’s flat, not matte or glossy. Experiment on the walls, but keep the top flat white.

Work in Grids

Working in grids (imaginary 3×3 grids for example) will keep things simple and easy for you to handle. Trust us – once you divide the ceiling like this, everything will go smoother than ever.

Prepare for the Inevitable


No, we’re not talking about falling from the ladder – a proper one will keep you safe. We’re talking about drips. Keep in mind that painting the ceiling without drips is impossible, even for drops. So, the sooner you accept that reality, the better. Just cover the room and any important stuff to make the cleaning easier later.

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