Cleaning Tips that Will Save You Time and Money

Cleaning Tips that Will Save You Time and Money

Raise Your Hand if you Find Cleaning Annoying!

Cleaning is one of the most time consuming and difficult jobs in our home. Thanks to this cleaning tips, you won’t lose that much time anymore! Follow them all to learn how to clean your home better.

We spend more than 20 minutes daily overall cleaning our home, and don’t let us get started on weekends. Everyone wants to keep their home shiny and clean, yet somehow, everything turns to an ugly mess a day after. Plus, there are areas and appliances like the dreaded kitchen top that seem impossible to clean!

That is unless you know a few cleaning tricks. There are many cleaning tips that will save you a lot of time and money and keep you home the way it is intended to be – shiny!

Nasty Blender? Try Some Soap!


Is your blender nasty from all that fruit? Simply rubbing it with water and a sponge won’t do the trick, but soap might. Just pour some water, a bit of baking soda, and some liquid soap, then turn the blender on for a few seconds. It will remove all the gunk and make the plastic squeaky clean.

Clean the Coffee Maker with Vinegar


Just like the blender, your coffee maker can get squeaky clean with the help of a powerful substance. In this case, though, it’s not soap – it’s vinegar. Just pour some in the machine and run it. Repeat the process with water once again to remove the vinegar smell and do this once a month. It will keep your coffee maker as good as new.

Make Your Faucets Shine with Wax Paper


Want to make all your faucets as shiny as the day you bought them? Use wax paper! Sanitize them with antibacterial soap first, then wax with the paper. It will bring their shine back and keep them from looking bad in the future.

Baking Soda Freshens up Your Mattress

Washing your pillows and pillowcases regularly is a must. However, we rarely even think about our mattresses, not to mention clean them. As time passes, our mattresses accumulate a lot of bacteria and dust which can trigger allergies. Yeah, we know – YUCK! However, there is a cleaning tips to keep them as clean as possible.

All you need to do is sprinkle baking soda on your mattress every now and then. Vacuum it after a couple of hours and your mattress will be much cleaner. Of course, maybe not to the naked eye, but it feels good knowing all that bacterial scum inside is dead.

Disinfect Your Sponges Easily


Sponges can get smelly and look ruined much quicker than expected. But, it’s no wonder – they’re always wet and we use them all the time to clean utensils and dishes. Simply washing them doesn’t work, but a quick microwave episode does wonders.

Just zap that sponge in the microwave and run it on full power for more than a minute. This will kill all the bacteria on the sponge and keep it as clean as humanely possible.

Scratched Plates? Baking Soda Can Help!


Are your plates all scratched and unsightly? Well, guess what – baking soda comes to the rescue once again. Make a paste of baking soda and water and rub your plates with it. It will make them shiny once again and save you some blushes when you have guests over.

As you can see, these simple tricks can be a real lifesaver and will cost you next to nothing. Try them all and you’ll be amazed by the results!

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