The Best Dog Breeds for People Living in Apartments


Many people who live in an apartment shy away from getting a dog because they feel that dogs need a lot of space to be happy. Even though for some breeds this may be true, there are plenty of breeds that do just fine in small spaces, as long as you provide them plenty of exercise.

If you think that size is all that matters when you choose an apartment dog, you’re wrong. For example, there are plenty of small dogs that are simply too vocal and hence aren’t the right fit. Others are too energetic and need the space to run around and spend all that energy without ruining your furniture. Large dogs, on the other hand, can be a great fit for an apartment living family, take the Great Dane for example. This may be the largest dog breed but many people keep them in apartments because they’re calm and low-energy dogs.

The Best Dog Breeds for Small Apartments


The Best Dog Breeds for People Living in Apartments 1

The Yorkie is an amazing apartment dog. It’s small and doesn’t bark, so you won’t have any problems with your neighbors. It’s also a breed that’s quite friendly and adapts to new environments easily. You can even exercise him at home, seeing how small he is, it really isn’t a challenge.

Boston Terrier

The Best Dog Breeds for People Living in Apartments 2

Here’s another small breed that’s perfect for limited space. The Boston Terrier grows a mere foot and a half maximum, making them ideal for your flat. They tend to be a bit hyper, which means that you need to take them for walks to keep them well-exercised. As long as you help them spend their energy, the Boston Terrier will be a gentle, wonderful companion for you.

King Charles Cavalier

The Best Dog Breeds for People Living in Apartments 3

The King Charles may be one of the sweetest dog in the world. All they want in life is to sit in your lap and be cuddled, all day long. They’re very attached to their humans so they even prefer living in smaller homes. Their biggest flaw is housetraining as they are among the harder-to-train breeds. However, as long as you spend time with them outdoors and motivate them positively, they can grow into amazing pets for apartments.

English Bulldogs

The Best Dog Breeds for People Living in Apartments 4

The English Bulldog is infamous for his laziness and sluggishness, meaning that they’re excellent apartment dogs. Just take your pooch for a short stroll around the block and he’ll be more than happy with the daily amount of exercise. In the meantime, he’ll be perfectly content with just snoozing and laying around. They’re sturdy and muscular on the outside, but on the inside they’re just gentle and loving pooches.


The Best Dog Breeds for People Living in Apartments 5

This one may surprise you, but greyhounds actually fit in just fine in small apartments. They’re famous for their energy and stamina but all they require is a brisk, daily walk and nothing more. Plus, they’re friendly and calm, meaning they’re ideal even for smaller homes.

Great Dane

The Best Dog Breeds for People Living in Apartments 7

The only huge dog that made our list is the Great Dane, but we had to include him to show people that not just small dogs are good for apartments. Even though his size may be overwhelming for some, the Great Dane is a natural loafer and will spend most of his time on your couch, just lazing around. Moreover, they’re such gentle giants – calm, friendly and quiet that most of the time you won’t even notice him there.


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