Here’s why dogs are man’s best friend

Everyone who’s ever owned a dogs will agree with me on this one, they are truly our best friends. Some of you may disagree, but I believe that most of the people who have a dog in their family will say yes, absolutely.

But what makes a dog such a good friend? What makes them so special and such awesome companions? I could think of a million reasons to back my argument, but then it would be a very long post, and no one likes reading long posts. That’s why today I just wanted to focus on the top reasons why we call dogs our best friends.

There’s so much to be learned from their behavior, demeanor, loyalty, personality and resiliency, but most of all from the unconditional love they give their family members. All you need to do is show them a little bit of love and attention and they will enlighten you and give you nothing but love in return.

5 Reasons Why Dogs are Truly a Man’s Best Friend


  1. They don’t judge

Here’s why dogs are man’s best friend 1

Your dog will never judge you, he doesn’t care how much money you had or how you failed an exam. All they want is to be there for you and show you love and support. They will never say ‘I told you so’ and they don’t care what other people think of you. You can literally do whatever you like in front of your dog and he will never think any less of you. All they know is that you’re their human and that you care for them.

  1. They will accompany you everywhere

Here’s why dogs are man’s best friend 2

You want to go for a walk? They’re right there with you, running and playing like there’s no tomorrow. You want to curl up in bed and watch a movie? They’ll curl up next to you and cheer you up. You’re up for a nap? Sure, they want to nap too. No matter what you want to do, your dog will always be in the mood to keep you company.

  1. They’re loyal

Here’s why dogs are man’s best friend 3

When you love a dog, it loves you back and that’s final. You can’t break up with a dog, once you’ve gained their trust and affection, you’ve got it for the rest of their lives. They’re loyal to the core and they always have your back. Until they’re alive and breathing, a dog will never leave your side or leave you for someone better. For them, you’re all there is in this world.

  1. Dogs make you feel better

Here’s why dogs are man’s best friend 4

They’re just such positive balls of fur. We all have our bad days and feel like nothing can lighten us up. But then we come home and see the joy in our pooch’s eye, the happiness from simply seeing us home and we immediately feel better. If you’re sad and crying you dog is the first to come to your side and try and cheer you up. For someone who doesn’t know how to talk, they sure know how to show they care.

  1. They love you unconditionally

Here’s why dogs are man’s best friend

No one is so happier to see you than your dog. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been gone for the day or just 5 minutes. They’ll jump in excitement and make you feel like you rock their world. And that’s because you do. They will show you nothing but love and affection, all you need to do is love them back.

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