How to Hide TV Cables Inside Your Drywall


Raise Your Hand If You Hate Cables!

Those dreaded cables hanging from the TV serious ruin the image in our living room. No matter how big a TV you get and how beautiful it looks, the hanging cables will ruin the otherwise pleasant aesthetics in your room. Imagine if you’ve done it all in Feng Shui only for cables to ruin it all? Yeah, it’s bad.

Unfortunately, Tesla’s dream about wireless electricity has yet to be realized. It’s going to be a while before TV’s go wireless, but until then, you can hide them yourself. Don’t worry – you don’t need any skills – just a few simple tools and some free time.

How Do I Hide TV Cables in the Drywall?

The cool thing about drywall is that its easy to open up and re-patch. You can open them up and fit cables within, hiding them behind the TV and wall. Trust us – you can do it yourself at home without any particular skills. Just follow the steps you see below.

Step 1 – Review Your Options

In order for everything to work, you’ll need to hang the TV on your wall. See, the wires will go inside the drywall behind the TV, so it’s only logical for it to be screwed on it. The process works on solid walls as well, but you’re going to have pre-existing power outlets already installed.

This option is much better than those “decorative” moldings running from the TV down. But, why install them when there’s a better way?

Step 2 – Get the Proper Tools

For this simple operation, you’ll need a drill, cutter, cable sockets, extensions, screwdriver, and bolts.

Step 3 – Determine the Spot

Find out the exact spot where the TV will sit. Don’t follow any advice on the Internet – just do what’s comfortable for you. Layout the size of the TV with blue painter’s tape – it works better than a pencil or pen.

Step 4 – Stud Finder Time!

Get a stud finder if you don’t already own one – it’s a lifesaver. This simple tool will determine where the stud framing is inside the wall for a seamless process. Mark those spots with tape and you’re one step closer to starting.

Step 5 – Determine the Distance Between the TV and Outlet

This is an important step – measure the distance between the TV and outlet below and make sure your cables are long enough. If they’re not, readjust the height of the TV or buy new, longer ones.

Step 6 – Determine Which Power Outlet You’ll be Using

Make sure to use a power outlet already on the wall. Never run the TV power cord or extension cords inside the wall – it can be dangerous. If you don’t have a power outlet nearby, call an electrician who can install one.

Step 7 – Time to Start!

Get a wall mount that fits your TV size and read the instructions. Follow them and you’ll be fine.

Step 8 – Hide the Wires

Cut a 1-1/2 inch hole in the wall below or next to the wall mount – make sure to avoid the studs. Check the inside of the hole with a bent coat hanger – if everything’s clear, make another hole below the first one. Now, take a glow rod or something of the sort and insert it in the top hole. Tape the ends of your cables to the glow rod and pull them back from the top carefully.

Next step is to get a wall plate with a hole in the middle to secure the cables. Run the cables through the cut-outs nicely and re-patch the drywall with the pieces you’ve cut out. Repaint in the end and that’s it! Those unsightly TV cables are gone!

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