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Turn Your Old Towels to a Great DIY Bath Mat

Do You Recycle?

Tell us, do you recycle often? It’s a great way of reusing stuff you don’t need and will help you clean your home up nicely. It’s not just about reusing the things – there are plenty of simple ways to give them a new purpose. Continue reading the article below to learn what you can do with all those old towels lying in that one room we use as a shed.

The recycled bath mat you can see below is simple for everyone – even if you’re not that great in threading. It will give your old towels a new great purpose and save you some space as well.

DIY Recycled Bath Mat From Old Towels

What You Need

  • Old bath towels you don’t use anymore (3-4)
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Cutting mat
  • Rotary cutter
  • Pins
  • Scissors


First, cut the towels into strips with the rotary cutter and mat. You can cut them to 2, 3 or whatever inches wide you want. Now, line 3 strips up in front of you, cut the towel border if needed, pin them together, and start sewing. Once you’re done, remove the pin so you don’t forget it and impale your foot later (ouch!).

Next, fold the sides of a single strip to the center, then fold it in half. Secure the folded piece with a pin, and repeat the process for the entire length of the strip and the other 2 strips as well.

Now it’s time for braiding. Brain the 3 strips together and don’t forget to remove the pins as you go. Once you’re done, just sew more strips and repeat the process.

Twist the rope in a coil in the end and voila! You’ve got yourself a cool new DIY bath mat. Apart from looking great, this simple DIY project will make you feel good about yourself. Congrats!

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