Your Fingernails Say a Lot More About Your Health

Your Fingernails Say a Lot More About Your Health

Fingernails – a Mirror to Our Health

We don’t really think about our fingernails. They just sit there doing nothing, with some people finding absolutely no purpose for them apart from chewing them off. However, they are actually a mirror of our health. Chipped nails may simply only look bad, of course, but sometimes, nails that are in less than pristine condition can say a lot about our health.

In today’s health news, doctors have been warning that nasty-looking nails may not have anything to do with poor hygiene. As a matter of fact, they can be a symptom of serious diseases and conditions. Brittle nails, chipped nails, and nails with black lines on them can be triggered by a variety of health problems. So, stop masking the problem with gel nails – as soon as you notice that your nails don’t look good at all, it’s time to visit your doctor. Just to be on the safe side.

Black Streaks on Nails

Ever wondered why that black streak appeared on your nails? Apart from looking bad, it’s not a naïve symptom at all. The dark blotches can actually be an indication of melanoma under your nail! Of course, we’re not saying that all black lines on your nails are a sign of cancer. You might have hit your finger on the desk, forming a tiny clot under the nail.

However, in some cases, melanoma has been known to appear in the form of a dark blotch on nails, so we strongly suggest talking to your doctor if you see it on your nails.

Nail Biting

Millions of people are chewing off their nails and never seem to use clippers. If you’re one of them, it’s time to address the elephant in the room.

Nail biting is not just a nasty habit. Its roots are set deeply into mental problems such as anxiety, negative self-esteem, and depression. The sooner you talk to a therapist about your nail biting problems, the better. It will keep your nails looking healthy and you’ll also deal with the demons in your head.

Brittle Fingernails

Thin and brittle nails usually occur as a result of lack of protein or unhealthy diet. Not eating healthy food has numerous consequences on our health and can make our nails and hair brittle.

The problem is also related to insufficient potassium intake. If you notice that your nails are pretty brittle and thin, add more potassium-rich foods (avocado, banana, nuts and seeds) and start eating healthier.

Painful Fingernails

You went to the salon and got those gel nails you’ve been eyeing for some time. Great for you. But, why are your fingernails so painful after a couple of days? Is it normal? No, it’s not. Painful fake nails can actually spell a nasty infection under the nail which needs to be resolved sooner rather than later. Unless you want to get sick or eventually lose your finger.

What Does Your Lunula Look Like?

The lunula is the half-crescent moon shape near the base of your nail. It should be white-ish in color and shaped like a half moon. If its disfigured or hard to locate on your nail, it might be a sign of cardiovascular disease.

A disfigured or discolored lunula can also be a sign of other diseases and conditions, so please don’t ignore it.

As you can see, your nails can say a lot more about your health than you know. If you don’t want to deal with health insurance later, visit your doctor as soon as you notice these symptoms to prevent further problems.

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